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Case Quiz #4

Gero February 18, 2020

Veterinary Dentistry Case Quiz #4

What is the diagnosis of the left first maxillary molar (209) in this 6-year-old mixed breed dog?





What is the first step in evaluation prior to treatment?

Intraoral Radiography.


Although the lack of radiographic signs of pulp necrosis are not always definitive, pulp cavity changes and periapical lucencies alter the treatment plan.


What three factors discourage the formation of caries in the dog vs. humans?


  1. Relatively few teeth in the dog have flat occlusal surfaces where pit and fissure caries may develop.
  2. Salivary pH is higher (more alkaline) in the dog compared to humans.
  3. The interdental spaces are generally wider in the majority of the dog dentition.

If the tooth is nonvital, what are the options?

Surgical extraction