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Case Quiz #5

Gero February 18, 2020

Veterinary Dentistry Case Quiz #5

What is your tentative diagnosis on the left maxillary first molar in this eighteen month old labrador retreiver dog?


Answer: Occlusal Pit


What will confirm the tentative diagnosis?


Answer: A dental explorer can be used to facilitate tactile recognition of occlusal pits and fissures. If a pit is present the explorer sticks or drops into the defect. Like pits, fissures may also create abnormal food and plaque retentive surfaces on the enamel.


What can be done for treatment of pits or fissures?


Answer: Removal of any surface defects with a white stone on a water-cooled, high speed handpiece followed by placement of a pit and fissure sealant may prevent development of caries. Early caries lesions may be present within pits indicated by a sticky or gritty feel when probed with an explorer. More advanced lesions may be visually rough and discolored.

If caries lesions are present, a traditional cavity preparation is done using a round or pear shaped carbide or diamond bur, bonding and placement of a compactable or highly filled composite. The restoration is completed by smoothing, polishing and application of a bonded sealant. A crown or inlay may be considered in some cases.