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Dr. Epstein’s Four 90 Minute On-Demand Video Sessions
Will be Followed Every 1-3 weeks with the Q and A

  • What you need to know about Normal and Maladaptive Pain Processing (& Syndromes You’ll Encounter)
    • Basic neurophysiologic mechanisms of protective pain.
    • Neurophysiology of maladaptive pain – why and how does pain go wrong.
    • Neuropathic Pain states and syndromes every clinician will encounter.
  • When, Why, and How to Utilize Adjunctive Pain-Modifying Medications
    • Comparative evidence re: tramadol, gabapentin, TCAs (amitriptyline), SS(N)RI’s, amantadine, acetaminophen, CBD, and others in humans, dogs and cats.
    • Practical tips utilizing adjunctive pain-modifying medications in acute/surgical and chronic pain.
    • New and future pain-modifying medications on (and coming) to the veterinary formulary.

  • The Foundation: Highest, Wisest, Safest use of NSAID and Opioids
    • How to minimize and even avoid NSAID-related adverse events.
    • Current landscape of opioid use in veterinary medicine.
    • “Opioid-Less”: Practical tips for using less opioid in peri-surgical protocols.
  • Putting It All Together: Evidence-based Approach to Acute-, Chronic, – and Acute-on-Chronic Pain
    • Sample protocols for transoperative pain management in the uncomplicated surgical patient.
    • Modifying transoperative pain management protocols for the patient already in chronic pain.
    • Evidence based pyramid for managing Osteoarthritis in dogs (and a discussion of cats as well).
    • Addressing suspected neuropathic pain in dogs and cats.

Let Dr. Mark Epstein help you eliminate the stress with your veterinary pain management topics by providing a blueprint for success. Feel at ease with each and every procedure by incorporating the lessons, tips, and tricks in learning with others online.



6 hours of live interactive session + and 6 hours of non-interactive session

I created this workshop with general practice veterinarians in mind to give you the blueprint and step-by-step plan to complete your pain management topics with confidence, efficiency, and high standard care for your patients.

Here is what you get during the 8 weeks course:

  • Four ninety-minute Hand-Picked Topics with a detailed discussion about each Topic.
  • Four ninety-minute Live Q and A sessions with Dr. Mark
  • A Facebook group for you to interact with fellow students, discuss your personal cases and ponder questions for the monthly discussion.
  • Bonus Discussion – Updates & Recent Advancements in Pain Management 

12 RACE CE Hours $495

Don’t miss this fantastic novel opportunity to learn and interact in a dynamic community of like minded veterinarians dedicated to practicing quality veterinary pain management!

Mark E. Epstein, DVM, Dipl. ABVP(C/F), CVPP


“The Veterinary Pain Management Online Workshop has been one of the best sources of practical pain management for my practice that I have come across.”

Dr. Melanie Greene
Country Hills Veterinary Hospital
East Point, KY

“The Veterinary Pain Management Online Workshop is an awesome pain management workshop. I have learned so much and it is very applicable for a GP practice.”

Dr. Nikki Lozinski Eaton
Discount Vet Wellness Clinic
Newark, Ohio

“The Veterinary Pain Management Online Workshop has been an excellent overview of the hows and whys of using pain medications.”

Dr. Niran Sabanathan
Saba’s Veterinary Services
Beaumont, Alberta

“The Veterinary Pain Management Online Workshop was just terrific-the tidbits of information on top of things I already knew were just fantastic.”

Dr. Richard Freedman
VCA Albemarle Veterinary Health Care Center
Charlottesville, VA

“One of the very most important challenges that we face as practitioners is safe and effective pain management for our patients. The Veterinary Pain Management Online Workshop has been a great program.”

Dr. Kaia Jewels
Naches Veterinary Services
Naches, Washington

“The Veterinary Pain Management Online Workshop has been mind-blowing and eye-opening to me. It helped me understand how to moderate pain in a multi-modal approach to fit each patient.”

Dr. Laurie Milne
VCA Landing Animal Hospital
Calgary, Alberta

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